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The Messaging Has Changed. Have You Changed Along With It?


Here in Ontario you might find it hard to keep up. In fact, if we’re honest, the pandemic has been challenging for just about any business in terms of staying open and trying to do the right thing while managing store capacity and both customer and employee safety. Coming soon, expectations are about to change again. We understand folks are tired and possibly even a little frustrated but the team at SpeedPro is here to help. Fast, efficient and reliable sign production is what we do and we do it well. The messaging from our provincial government has changed again. Have you changed your signage along with it?

Coming in to effect on September 22nd, 2021 is a new provincial mandate that will see a business being able to ask for proof of vaccine from their customers and clients.

According to our provincial premier Doug Ford, this “enhanced COVID-19 vaccine certificate system” has been established to actually help small business survive and thrive, not hinder operations. No doubt, as a small business owner you’ve felt challenged over these past few months about how to manage your customer and employee expectations and this has led to some confusion for small business – we know, we’re a small business too!

As of September 22nd however, there will be some consistency across the province as we all use the same proof of vaccine certification which will help, again according to the premier, “to protect our hospitals; we need to avoid lockdowns at all costs. We want our kids in schools, and our businesses to stay open.”

We’re pretty sure as a business owner, you’ll agree. Now what does any of this have to do with SpeedPro? Fair question and here’s our response:

Safety Signage and PPE!

SpeedPro is constantly evolving to meet new legislation along with customer expectations. We produce:

  • Sneeze Guards and Cough Guards
  • Space Dividers
  • Social Distancing Floor Decals
  • Hand Sanitizing Stations
  • Custom Printed Safety Signs
  • Reusable Sign Frames
  • Curbside Pick-Up Parking Lot Signs and more

Because mandates throughout this pandemic are fluid, SpeedPro is rising to the occasion by providing affordable options that will help you manage your budget while safely managing traffic through your business whether that’s a corner store, a restaurant, a home décor business, an auto shop or through the grocery aisles. We’ve become your local “go to” expert at signage that matters most and create clear, concise messaging directing customers on how to demonstrate their proof of vaccination status is simply the next step in appropriate signage we can print for you.

Personalize your message to customers with custom printed signs that feature your logo and business and perhaps a personal message like, “Thank You For Your Co-Operation” or similar. Whether you need signs and messaging for indoors or outdoors we can help. Clearly stating, through good signage, the entry requirements to your place of business will help customers to come in prepared and ready with what they need to shop, dine or work out safely.

Budget-friendly, a reusable sign is great in this “new normal” world we find ourselves in. These signs are portable, light and easy to move around for optimal placement and you can switch out the messaging as often as you need to! Be prepared not just for September 22nd but for whatever might come after with these “easy on the wallet” options.

  • Social Distancing Floor Decals

We reference this particular type of signage because let’s face it they get the most wear and tear and likely need to be replaced every so often. Our signs are special and they are long lasting but if you’ve been walked on daily by hundreds of customers an update might be necessary. Once again, SpeedPro has evolved with the times to create a product that is affordable. You can customize them with your name and logo, order circular or rectangular options and we have both indoor and outdoor signage.

If you’re looking for something that’s a little easier on the wallet, consider our pre-made designs that can be used anywhere.

The times have changed again and if you need refreshed messaging for your store, gym, restaurant or small business – we can help. Call or email us today to talk about your signage needs and we guarantee to exceed your expectations. Serving Mississauga, Toronto and the GTA, at SpeedPro we believe “a sign shouldn’t cost you money, it should MAKE you money!” And it should help keep you and your employees and customers safe too!