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The Man Behind The Signs


At SpeedPro, what we believe in most is that a sign should tell your story. It’s a visual that grabs the attention of potential customers and in a concise, eye-catching and factual way, tells them what they most need to know about you or your company. We’re your professional partner in storytelling and since good working partnerships are so important to successful relationships, today we thought we’d share a little bit about the man behind the signs, Owner of SpeedPro Signs and Imaging, Ted Morgan. Here’s what he has to share…….

Reflecting on my time in the sign business, it occurred to me that perhaps one of the reasons I ventured into this – my third start up business, first opened in 2013 – is my need for speed! It’s fitting that as a professional downhill skier for over 30 years, I invested my skills and energy in a business that is as fast-paced as hurtling down a mountain. I might even go so far as to suggest that on some level, I’m always looking to create signs for my customers that are real “showstoppers,” the kind of signs that just might cause me to pause halfway down the ski slope! This business is also, like skiing, fast-paced, demands accuracy and relies on critical timing. It requires me to think on my feet, pivot and adjust when necessary and to ride out (or avoid altogether) the bumps along the way! It’s a synergy that works well and ensures SpeedPro customers receive an end product that’s an example of visual marketing at its very best.

I’ve had the privilege of working all over Canada. From Ontario and Quebec to Alberta and British Columbia where, most recently, I lived for over 10 years working at Whistler/Blackcomb and as the Director of Skiing at Big White in Kelowna BC. Closer to home, until my retirement, I was the Technical Director (Head Teaching Pro) at the Craigleith Ski Club located in Collingwood. I left there in 2012 just prior to starting SpeedPro Signs in Etobicoke in March of 2013. It has been an interesting and exciting career but I don’t want to bore you with too many of my stories so let’s shift our focus back to signs and how they tell your story.

SpeedPro Signs and Imaging is literally a “one-stop shop.” We offer wide ranging expertise in visual marketing from in house graphic design staff to installers that will mount your finished product. We design, print and install any type of visual from store-front to vehicle wraps, electrified signs to trade show displays. If you’re a small or medium sized business looking to enhance your position in the marketplace, SpeedPro Signs in Etobicoke can help.

Speaking of businesses that need to stand out and to market their brand in unique ways, I’m also proud to share that for quite some time I’ve also been a member of the Mississauga Board of Trade, an alliance that, like signs, also tells a story. I consider the MBOT a business partner. As an active and involved member I not only connect with other business owners but also support the work of MBOT in advocating for all local businesses at the Municipal, Provincial and Federal levels. Whether it’s a Fortune 500 company or small, hyper-local business, the MBOT supports business networking and represents the interests of business owners in a positive way. Much like throughout my skiing career, as a solo business owner you might sometimes feel like you are the only one racing, but at both the top and bottom of the mountain are a team of supporters who have helped you along the way. For me, and for SpeedPro Signs, that’s been the role of the MBOT and it’s why I am happy to support their work, network and meet other business owners in the area.

That’s the short version of the story “the man behind the signs.” I probably could have shared more but much like a sign is a short, quick and catchy way to grab attention and not bore, I don’t want to bore you with too many details about “me, myself and I.” What I am HAPPY to do, all day and every day, is help YOU share YOUR story! At SpeedPro, we believe a sign shouldn’t cost your money it should help make you money. Call, email or visit us anytime and ask to speak to me, Ted Morgan, about a sign that would cause even a downhill skier to pause in their tracks!

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