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Stand out this Spring! TALK TO US about how!


Sure, we’re in the sign business and signs are a FANTASTIC way to communicate! But – talking is still the best way to share what you are looking for when it comes to great signage. This spring, much like last spring, we are being challenged to stand out in a way that will attract new customers to our business – even during yet another lockdown. With the launch of our new email address and a responsive website with a “Let’s Chat” feature – the SpeedPro team is ready to TALK all things signage with you, helping your business to stand out from the crowd this spring!

This spring perhaps more than ever before, we continue to be challenged by wave after wave of the pandemic. Sure we went through a lockdown around this same time last year but each new public health measure is causing us to both learn more and to continually pivot to adapt to new or enhanced pandemic-related safety measures. For many businesses, this means innovative, out of the box thinking is required to attract new customers. As we move into another four-week lockdown period and your business is only able to provide curbside or limited capacity service, your need for signage might be more important than ever before. A refresh is never a bad idea and our team can help with fast, efficient turn around times, eye-catching designs and even a crack team dedicated to installations! Our goal is to put a spotlight on your business to help you survive through these trying times.

SpeedPro Signs are available by phone of course but while indoor capacity limits are in place, we are also supporting clients with our easy to remember email encouraging you to talktous@speedpro.com or to visit our website anytime and utilize the chat feature there to connect. For us to help you stand out this spring – we need to talk first! We offer an enormous variety of sign options from banners and safety signage to store front, window and door decals and attention grabbing sidewalk signage boards. If eco-friendly is on your mind we offer that too and if your business owns a vehicle or two, what better way to stand out than with a vehicle wrap that advertises your business literally everywhere you go! We’re a trusted source for small and large businesses alike, supporting brands you know and love like Tim Hortons, and teams who inspire us like the Raptors 905. We’d like to be your trusted source too.

The signs of spring are everywhere. The sun is shining, the weather is warming up and early blooming flowers and trees are starting to bud. Now it’s time for your SIGNS to pop up this spring! During lockdown, with more families out walking and trying to enjoy the outdoors, and more businesses than ever competing for your attention, let us help make your business stand out from the crowd – talk to us today about how we can make that happen as soon as tomorrow!