SpeedPro Signs and Imaging

Spring at SpeedPro!


Update, Upgrade and Get New Signage!

Spring is literally just around the corner. We’ve had a taste of it with some warmer days and melting snow, plus daylight savings time is upon us and the calendar will soon make it official. That’s got the team at SpeedPro thinking about signage. Why? With warmer weather, with the world opening up around us and with people ready to get outside, this is quite possibly the best time of year in the last two years, to consider an update and to UPGRADE to all new signage for your business! 

The Three B’s!

SpeedPro is suggesting you start thinking BIG, Bold and Bright! Get the attention of both new and returning customers with all new lettering and/or signage that will truly help you stand out from the crowd. 


Using big letters is all about going for the “WOW” factor. We can create letters with impact and that are “visible for days” as well as leaving people noticing your business above all others. If you truly want to have an impact, there’s an old saying you might be familiar with: “Go Big or Go Home!” Our team translates this turn of phrase into meaningful impact for your business by helping our customers visualize the difference between font styles, the selections you make and why sizes matter. Some fonts just suit BIG and some don’t. If you want to stand out – we help you define the perfect BIG for your business and then, if you really ARE going to go big – we’ll encourage you to go one step bigger for maximum impact! 


Sure big and bold are similar. Big is something generally considered to be “of considerable size” while bold, in the context of colour or design, is about “having a strong or vivid appearance.” As you can see from these definitions however, there actually is enough of a difference for us to take the time to help our customers understand the importance of both when it comes to signage. Bold isn’t just about having the biggest letters on the block but also about the colour and style of those letters! What makes them eye-catching? It could be that they are 3D, rimmed in metal or they are channel letters. If you don’t know or understand the difference, that’s ok because we do and we can help you decide what’s best for your business. 


The final element of this crucial sign trio is the ability of your signage to stand out in any situation from snowstorms, to rain, daytime to night. When it comes to the brightness factor you have options! We referenced the arrival of spring earlier and the weather at this time of year is often unreliable at best. There’s rain, fog, mist and we still have the occasional snowfall – it all happens in spring. That’s why you need the best possible lighting options for all conditions. Signs can be lit from within, halo lit (resulting in a very dramatic look) back lit, front lit or we also offer sign boxes and light boxes. The options are almost as unlimited as your imagination (or ours!)

Get noticed this spring. We’re fond of another popular saying you might be familiar with and that is, “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression!” Now is your chance to make sure that impression isn’t just good – it’s GREAT. Our teams are ready to make your sign dreams come true. Big, bold, bright and installed just right – this spring you’ll want to “spring” into action and call the team at SpeedPro. Businesses need all the help they can get after two long years, let us help you give a boost to your business by making you a sign that stands out from the crowd. After all, at SpeedPro we believe a sign shouldn’t cost you money, it should MAKE you money!”