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SpeedPro Has Signs To Go!

As our name implies, we are the pros when it comes to fast, professional signage that meets our customer’s expectations when it comes to a quality product at a reasonable price. At SpeedPro we believe your signs shouldn’t “cost you money, it should MAKE you money!” What that really means to us is that you shouldn’t have to spend thousands of dollars on well-made sign to promote your business and that’s where we come in, our business is to help your business succeed!

Why You Need Signage?

Signs serve a variety of purposes from advertising an upcoming sale to informing a customer about your refund policy. They can be big, bold and flashy, hung above your place of business or a sandwich board placed just outside your front doors. They might even be small and detailed, located on your customer service counter.
In other words a sign can be any size but it is always meant to inform, direct or catch the attention of a potential customer – whether for advertising purposes or to provide information. When considered in this context, what business doesn’t need a sign or two!

What Kind Of Signs Should I Buy?

Now that you know every business can use signs of some sort, it’s time to consider what kind of sign you should invest in. The biggest question you need to ask yourself is, “What is the purpose of the sign?” Other considerations matter too, such as where will the sign be located (for example outdoors or indoors will impact the type of materials used) but the primary question is still to understand its purpose. Knowing what the sign is intended to do will help to determine the size of the sign, the materials used, whether it’s permanent or temporary, flexible (like flag signage) or hard (and how hard, for example do you need aluminum composite panel or coroplast) or whether you need a sign that’s portable, able to be carried and erected temporarily at trade shows or sporting events? In other words, there is a lot to consider when you think about signs and SpeedPro are experts at guiding you through the process!

Why SpeedPro?

  • S – Like we said at the beginning, as our name implies, we’re SPEEDY!
  • P – Professional. We offer consultation, design, even installation, all backed by our highly qualified team members.
  • E – Experienced. At SpeedPro we have been creating unique signage for our customers for almost ten years. We know what we’re doing and we do it well!
  • E – Excellence. We are dedicated to excelling in all we do. We’re Canadian owned, we have a rock-solid reputation, and we are committed to an end product that exceeds your expectations.
  • D – Dedicated to your success. Our business is only as successful as yours. We love repeat customers and referrals and know that will only come as a result of our commitment to you.
  • P – Premier Portfolio. If you’re still not convinced, visit our website to check out our premier portfolio of products from car wraps to tents, flag signs to 3D products.
  • R – Responsive. We answer the phone when you call. We work together with you on the design and graphics and consult every step of the way, resulting in a sign that works for you and that we’re proud to have designed.
  • Outstanding customer service. That’s what we guarantee at SpeedPro and it’s why you should call us today!

If you need fast, professional and excellent signage to advertise, to inform or direct customers, we can help. SpeedPro has the signs you need to succeed!