SpeedPro Signs and Imaging


Choose from a variety of finishes, weights, banner materials and hardware. From PVC to Fabric and Mesh materials.

  • Frosted and Etched Glass Vinyl

  • 3M Home Window Tinting

  • Photochromic Films

  • Faux Mirror and Faux Fabric

  • Canvass Prints

  • 3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes

  • And more!

Stained Glass

Stained glass is both beautiful and expensive. Transform the light in your space with affordable clear coloured vinyls. You can purchase solid colours or have us cut motifs into the vinyls and layer for a true stained-glass look!​

Ask us about available colours and opacities.

Custom Printed

Blow up your favourite photo or create beautiful reproductions. Our canvass prints come in a tube without a frame, you save on shipping costs and get to choose the finishing. Simply frame in a flat picture frame or have it stretched on a wooden canvass frame.​​

Please inquire about available sizes and minimum photo quality recommendations.

Custom Printed
Wall Paper

Popular with interior and environmental designers, take your imagination to the next level. Our large format prints on removable wallpaper are printed in full colours in high definition (original image quality impacts results). Apply easily and remove clean with no glue residue. Some options for re-usable wallpaper available, simply remove and reinstall in another location. Talk to us about your options and different textured finishes.
Real wallpaper feel finish available.

Frosted & Etched

Create some privacy wherever you have a clear glass window or office, without blocking the light. Various etched and frosted vinyl motifs available in different opacities. You choose your level of privacy! We can cut logos and motifs into the vinyl.​

Ask us about our custom printed frosted vinyls.

Chalkboard & Dry Erase

Not ready to transform an object or space into a permanent chalkboard or dry erase board?

Want a custom object turned into a dry erase or chalkboard for the office?
Order our Chalk Talk removable vinyl or ask about our various Dry Erase Board vinyl options. We can even refresh an old dry erase board!

3M Di-Noc Architectural

Unbelievably believable finishes from wood textures, to metal, marble, stone, stucco, carbon, fine leather, concrete and more.
We bet you’ve seen 3M’s Di-Noc products in highly curated spaces before but were not aware that you were looking at vinyl!

Take a look at the full



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