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Signs in storage? It might be time for an update!


We’ve been spending the months leading into the spring and summer season talking about environmentally friendly initiatives and refreshing some of your outdoor signage. We’d like to continue that theme by talking today about your upcoming spring and summer event schedules and how refreshing your signage might be just what you need right now. After all, for many of you there’s a good chance your signs, banners and tents have all been in storage for several years now as a result of the cancellation of events and large group gatherings. Now that the province is re-opening more and more however, if might be time for an update of all your outdoor advertising elements!

Here is what we anticipate seeing more of in the coming months:

Golf Tournaments will return!

Whether you are hosting or participating in a golf tournament this spring and summer there are plenty of opportunities to update and refresh your marketing strategies using signage. You might be sponsoring a hole and need a simple coroplast or foamboard sign advertising your business. Alternatively, as the host, you’ll want speciality menu signage specific to the event, colourful posters printed sharing the story of what the event is fundraising for and you may even need special welcome and directional signage for the day of the event.

Outdoor sporting events including team sports and tournaments!

The kids (and adults too) are playing again! In a breath of fresh air, it’ll be fresh air we’ll all be breathing at outdoor events after two summers of downtime. We anticipate – and are planning for – a huge demand for team banners, team logos on tents, tournament A-frame and coroplast signage and more. Whether you have children playing soccer or baseball, or you are an adult cricket player, tennis or “beer league baseball,” there’s a good chance anything stored away from several years ago is in need of a refresh. We offer a range of products that meet every expectation of quality, many are environmentally friendly and we can custom design or work from your existing logos and marketing materials. We’re both affordable and approachable with a dedicated team committed to making your outdoor signage sing!

Car rallies, car racing and long summer drives on gorgeous hot days!

You can sense the excitement in the air as people prepare to roll down their convertible rooftops, open up the sunroof or prep their vehicle for summer with a good detailed car wash and vacuum. Why not add to the “summer-proofing” of your car with a beautiful, detailed car wrap that advertises your business, product or service? We’re not just talking cars either – did you know we wrap motorcycles? Racing this season? We can do specialty products too. Whether you are a real estate agent or a local plumber looking to advertise as you go about your business, or you’re looking for some pop and pizzazz, our vinyl wraps have literally “got you covered.” 

Food Trucks, Farmers Markets and Home Shows

This year we are bound to see a resurgence of everything we’ve come to love so much and that includes outdoor markets, farmers markets, community home shows (we’ve already seen several in the communities we serve) and no doubt we will even come to enjoy speciality events like “Ribfests,” Beer Gardens and Food Truck Festivals. What a summer! If you need to gear up for any of these events, SpeedPro can help. Sandwich boards, A-Frame signage, Menu Signs, Window Decals, Trade Show displays or booths, whatever it is you need, we’ll ensure your business looks both professional, and amazingly eye-catching too.

If you’ve had signs sitting in storage for the past two years, just waiting for re-opening we suggest you haul them out now and take a good look at them. Are they dated? Can you see any evidence of discolouration, possibly from improper storage? What about damage? Nothing looks worse than a sign with visible wear and tear or an event tent that’s faded or perhaps even with small tears or a missing, bent or broken support beam. You’ve weathered the Covid storm and your business, your team or your passion/hobby are thriving – so don’t hit the outdoor summer season with signage and banners that look weathered themselves. Update, refresh and renew – the professional team at SpeedPro says; “We’ve Got You!” We’ll deliver beautiful, long-lasting and durable results ready for all your summer fun.