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Signs Don’t Have To Be Rigid!


Pop Ups, Banners and Flags – Signs That Are not Rigid But Won’t Get Carried Away By The Breeze!

Last month we talked about the “signs” of spring and how with more and more people getting out and about, if only for a bit of exercise, businesses should consider exploring new and innovative ways to stay in touch with potential customers and to advertise their products or services. We’ve got the answer and it’s not in a sign that stays rigid! Rather, May might be a great time to consider a sign that truly “moves you!” We offer a range or products suitable for any outdoor occasion; signs that are not rigid, move with the wind but won’t move (now matter how hard the elements try) and that attract lots of attention. If you’re ready to think outside of the box full of standard sign solutions, it might be time to try pop ups, banners and flags – signs that move, but that won’t get carried away by the breeze!

Pop Ups

Always popular, we have a variety of pop up tent options that will clearly display your business name and logo with our dye sublimated full coverage prints. Tents come in many sizes; they include a carry bag, and are made with sturdy steel frames or lighter aluminum options if that’s what you prefer.


  • We’ve got just about every type of banner you could imagine, including one or two that are fairly rigid after all. Let us explain!
  • Banners come in a variety of types like media walls, pole banners, framed and gusseted, hanging and roll-up or retractable banners.
  • The degree of flexibility you require, the portability you need and the amount of space you have will all contribute to our consideration of what will serve your unique needs best.
  • For example, a retractable or roll up banner is the ultimate in portability for and you can literally take it anywhere.
  • A pole banner on the other hand, requires something rigid –like a decorative streetlamp pole for the banner to be hung from but the banner itself can float with the breeze or be as steady as you desire.
  • A hanging banner is the kind of banner you might see at a sports tournament, with metal grommet holes that make it easy to hang from just about any nearby surface, even chain link fencing.
  • Ask us about other types of banners – we’ve got them all!


We’re not talking about the flags of a country but rather, like banners – flags that will advertise your business from the parking lot or sidewalk, which are flexible and move with the breeze and that are eye-catching too. The “teardrop” or “feather” flag are the two shapes you are probably most familiar with and we have both, along with options that are suitable for indoor use or options specifically for outdoor use. We use fabric, canvas and a variety of other options to meet your needs and will print single or double-sided at your request.