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Make Your Food Service Business Stand Out From The Crowd

Food Service Business

From vinyl wraps for food trucks to restaurant storefronts, we do it all for every food service business.

It’s the middle of summer, the weather is amazing, and people are excited to be going out again after the lifting of pandemic safety restrictions.

People are “getting back to normal” and that means getting back together with family and friends — often over food. After all, who doesn’t love going out for a nice meal with their favourite people? This means it’s more important than ever for restaurants and food trucks to make sure their business stands out from the crowd. At SpeedPro, we can make that happen.

First, let’s talk about food trucks. At any event where there’s one food truck, there’s usually a few more too. That means yours needs to grab the attention of potential customers and draw them in. All you need is for them to taste your food one time and they’ll be hooked, so don’t miss the chance to wrap your food truck in one of our top-quality vinyls. If you have a logo already, that’s great and we would be happy to incorporate that in a wrap that’s designed just how you like. But if you’re looking for a brand overhaul, we’ve got that covered too as we can offer complete design-to-production solutions for you and your business.

Yours wouldn’t be the first food truck we’ve wrapped, and it won’t be the last. No job is too big for us, as we can even vinyl wrap buses! For a food truck, our custom-printed vehicle wrap service would be a great choice. We use 3M and Avery cast films, which are tried and trusted for company cars and fleet graphics. These fully-custom wraps are printed with a state-of-the-art printer and provide true-to-life color and top-notch picture quality. Even if you don’t need a redo off your food truck’s style, you could always get a custom-cut decal to advertise that awesome new menu item you’ve added for this summer. Another cost-effective option to draw people to your food truck is the implementation of A-Frame signs. Putting one out with your business name, feature menu item, and a big arrow pointing to your food truck is a simple but effective way to increase the amount of looks coming your way. Our A-Frame signs are portable and when you order a few of them, you can easily change them out depending on what you’re serving that day. Our designers are extremely knowledgeable about these signs and can help you create the sign that brings the extra customers you need to your food truck.

As humans, we can become set in our ways. When it comes to restaurants, sometimes people stick with what they know because they have already had a good experience at a given restaurant. You know, and we know, that once you get people in the door of your restaurant it’s going to be a good experience and that those customers will keep coming back. To get that all important first visit, your restaurant’s signage needs to be inviting, look fresh and new, and be unique. Something we at SpeedPro offer that really (and literally) pops is dimensional letters and logos. These three-dimensional creations come in a wide variety of different materials, sizes, and finishes so business owners on any budget can get that extra pop on their storefront. Our three-dimensional letters and logos can even be back or front-lit so your restaurant will be a beacon in the night to hungry customers. We can do letters and logos in plastic, metal, vinyl and more. If lighting up letters isn’t enough for you, how about a custom, lit, sign box? We can custom weld a sign box that will fit the exact dimensions of the front of your restaurant. The sign box can be as simple as a metal frame with a composite panel and vinyl graphics, or as complex as an electrified light box with dimensional letters and logos. The best part about sign boxes is you can refresh or change your graphics without needing to overhaul the entire sign. Plus, there’s no wires to be seen. We’ll ensure they are all kept within the box, so all your customers see is a top-quality, well-lit sign out front of your restaurant.

One of the most important parts of any restaurant is of course the menu. It’s what people stop and look at outside to see if they want to come in. That’s why you’re going to want to present that menu in one of our snap frame poster boxes that’s easy to open and close while still being sturdy and well-built. Snap frames are great because you can simply snap the edges of the frame open, pop in your new menu or daily specials, then close it back up in a flash. Speaking of flash, if you want to get flashier with your menu display, we can even jazz it up with the illuminating technology we use for our larger sign boxes and dimensional letters and logos.

At SpeedPro, we succeed when you succeed, and we want to see your food service business with lineups of excited customers this summer. Our comprehensive sign and graphic services can meet the needs of any food service business. We would love to work with you towards your food service businesses’ success this summer and look forward to hearing from you. Here’s to a summer of good eats and good business!