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It’s a SIGN of the Times……


It’s a sign of the times we’re in that signs are playing a critical role in keeping us safe. Signs are the first thing a potential customer, client, shopper, or even a patient see when they approach your business, your medical or dental clinic, your store or even places of worship and community and municipal services. Signs don’t just advertise; they inform, they direct and they assist. In these Covid times, it’s “a sign of the times” that we rely on signs to help keep us safe and at SpeedPro, we’re in the business of signage for all reasons but now, more than ever, we want to help you use signs to help others.

You need signs for:

Staying Safe

These are perhaps the most important signs of all. Everyone, from your customers and employees, to your delivery persons, patients or business clients, all want to know how to stay safe while navigating around in our “new normal.” Signs will help get people where they’re going safely and while socially distanced. We have signs for social distancing, sanitizing stations/instructions, hand washing guidelines, appropriate mask wearing pictorials and signs that share information about symptoms and travel history. In a culturally diverse landscape, for children and signs that are easy to see for the visually impaired are all crucial. We can create signage that easily translates, are clear and concise and provide a visual frame of reference for your customers.

Good News

“We’re Open To Serve You!” We can’t wait to make thousands of these signs and we bet you can’t wait either! If you are “NOW OPEN” let’s shout it to the world with a beautiful custom made sign that shares the good news. Tell your customers “We missed you,” once inside your store or that you’re open but customers can still choose a contactless, curbside pick up if they would prefer. Perhaps you are open but have changed your hours of service. Let your customers know right up front with clearly marked signage that reflects your new business hours. It’s great news that some businesses and services are now allowed to operate but many are on reduced hours or at limited capacity. Don’t frustrate folks – let them know what’s happening up front with a front door or window signage that shares the good news not only that you’re open but how and when to shop safely too.

Motivational Messaging

Some of the expressions trending in 2020 and now in 2021 include # StrongerTogether, Stick Together by Staying Apart, StayHome/StaySafe, or Do Your Part and Stay Apart, and many, many others. Right now, we could all use a little motivation. Don’t just tell people what to do and how to stay safe – spread some cheer as well. Remind folks that we really are all in this together and that by staying apart, we will be able to get together that much sooner. Whether you are looking for something trending right now on social media, or original motivational messaging specific to your business, we can help.

Temporary Signage / Facilities Messaging

There are many reasons for temporary signage in the workplace, the first one being something we all hope for – that an end to Covid-19 is within sight and some of the signs we are currently producing for customers just won’t be needed anymore! You may also have invested in a certain décor and aesthetic for your business and signs that attract attention to keep folks safe are necessarily bright and intrusive. You don’t want them permanently cluttering the landscape. We can help with a variety of quality products that are both long-lasting AND temporary. YES, you can have the best of both worlds. Temporary signs outside elevators reminding folks about “elevator etiquette” are a must have at the moment. Signs that inform about temporary closures (for example, common areas in buildings where people might gather) are also a necessity. At entrances, and again inside, a temporary sign will help direct people within a facility to what is open and what is closed and since this may change throughout the course of the pandemic – temporary signage is the way to go!


Everyone needs it, almost everyone wants it (we won’t get into the politics of anti-maskers!) and the good news is SpeedPro can provide it. We offer over 200 types of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to a variety of clients including: senior living facilities, hair salons, corporate offices, restaurants and retail stores. Our range of products extends beyond signs to designs that will keep you, your employees, your customers and your clients safe. We can custom create acrylic partition walls and dividers, sanitizing stations, moveable partitions on casters or firmly rooted in spot with aluminum feet or desk mounted too. Everything we offer is fully customizable as well – your logo, your words, your design – we can help!

Stand out in a cluttered landscape with a well made sign that’s visible, clearly and succinctly shares a simple message, and that helps your customer, client or patient understand where to go, how to get there and how to stay safe while at your business. In these trying times many businesses are relying on fewer staff in order to help reduce transmission of the virus and clearly marked signage can help direct and inform without the need for close proximity between people. Signs can help ensure safe social distancing without having to have an extra staff member on hand just to remind folks. It’s a sign of the times that signs have never played a more important role in helping remind us all how to stay safe while we are out and about in our community. At SpeedPro, we believe a sign shouldn’t cost you money – it should help make you money but we also believe in SAFETY FIRST. We can help with signs that remind, signs that direct and with PPE for your staff, your customers and you!