SpeedPro Signs and Imaging

Hyper Local and Canada Wide – We’ve Got You Covered

Consistency is such an important word. The dictionary definition varies slightly between Oxford and Cambridge sources but is essentially this: the quality or fact of always staying the same at different times; followed by, the quality or fact of being good each time. Why are we talking about consistency? Because whether you’re looking for signage for one business location or for locations across Canada – what builds a businesses credibility is the consistency of their messaging – and that means consistency in signage, forms, banners, paper products and all things related to that business, is critically important! We might be hyper local, serving Etobicoke, Mississauga and the GTA, but we’re Canada wide as well, ensuring that wherever you see our signs, be they in Mississauga or Moncton, Kitchener or Kamloops, you’ll see the same thing every time.

Get To Know Us

Didn’t know the team at SpeedPro offered Canada wide coverage for all your signage needs? Now you do! We’re able to ensure brand consistency and brand recognition across the country with our in house graphics designer (who originally hails from Saskatchewan by the way) our installer and technician (familiar with every single sign type that could ever be installed – and in any weather – including LED and Neon) and our franchise owner Ted Morgan who brings both work and life experiences from across Canada to his position at SpeedPro and as he approaches the start of each new project. In addition to our own team, we have a network of professionals across the country and 47 other SpeedPro locations to support our work.

Planning Your Projects – Wherever They May Be!

Our three-step process involves planning, planning and planning! Yes we said, “planning” three times! That’s because an enormous part of our commitment to our clients is to ensure everything is done right during the planning stages, before it ever comes to printing, wrapping a fleet of vehicles or installing an overhead, well-lit sign. We communicate regularly with you every step of the way to ensure accuracy and design feasibility. For example, is your logo clearly visible across a wide range of sign styles and sizes? If it’s not, we’ll help identify opportunities for improvement, help determine what colours might work best for your business and/or we will ensure consistency of colour and logo printing for the franchisees of big box national chains, in all their local advertising efforts.

Special Installations

We are privileged to partner with many local and nation-wide BIA’s to support special installations in your town or city. From local arts initiatives that create wraps and covers for utility boxes, to store window designs involving intricate Indigenous art, we’ve got the experience you’re looking for and the design skills you need. If you require special permanent signage to celebrate a special occasion, a historic anniversary or as a tribute to a person in your community we do that work too. Nothing makes us happier than to support small and local in celebrating one of their own and/or to work with local artists to promote their work in the community. That said – we’re just as happy to see an entire fleet of trucks for a national organization sporting the consistency of our brand messaging whether you spot the truck in Manitoba, Montreal, Sault Ste. Marie Ontario or Salmon Arm British Columbia.

In short

We are your one stop sign shop. Located in Etobicoke but serving the entire GTA, we’re also able to support consistent brand signage across the country and while using various mixed media tools and products. From “floppy” flag designs that flutter in the breeze to door/storefront, overhead, or 3D logo and letter signage, we offer consistency guaranteed and service guaranteed. Most importantly at SpeedPro, we offer value add with all of our services because we “a sign shouldn’t cost you money, it should MAKE you money!”