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How will your Business adapt during the Pandemic?


While we should all be focusing on our health and flattening the curve to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus, many small business owners naturally also worry about their long-term financial health and whether their business will be able to survive this current crisis.

The news of “mandatory closures of all non-essential businesses” hit us yesterday. It will impact many of you who were not listed on the “essential” services list today.

What will you do?

Would your service or product survive if you were able to convert your brick & mortar location to a web shop? How can we help you adapt?
We’re thinking hard about how we can support your operations best while you transition to a digital model or significantly slow down your operations. Before you think of us as benevolent or kind, or question whether we are being opportunistic (disaster capitalism is not our style), we’d like to be transparent.

Truth is we rely heavily on the success of small businesses for our won survival. It is in our best interest to be of service to you during these difficult times, and to help you find ways to keep going. Of course we also do care, it is now more apparent than ever that we are all connected and that our health and success rely on uplifting each other.

In the last year, we launched 2 e-commerce websites for our own business, on the Wix and Shopify platforms. Fully designed and operated in house. We’re happy to share what we’ve learned with you. Whether that takes the form of a free webinar, a 1-on-1 phone call, an email instructional or whether you decide to hire us to do it for you & to fast track the process. We’re all ears, let us know what is useful to you!

In a small piece of good news, Shopify just announced that they have extended their free trial period from 30 days to 90 days in an effort to support small businesses, who are hit the hardest. Additionally, shipping services will remain available as an essential service.

We’re happy to give you pointers while you create your own e-commerce sites, or if you’d rather fast-track the progress we can talk to you about designing and setting up your page for you.

As we all move to adapt to our new reality. Going digital is one solution that may be accessible and convenient for both your business and your guests. You can either e-mail us directly at talktous@speedpro.com or leave your questions in the comments.

Be well everyone and stay safe!

Your Speedpro Sign Shop Team
(Saba, Ted and Zack)

PS: While our doors remain closed, you can still place orders with us. Our production is being operated by a single staff member, and we’re doing design work for you remotely. Shipping can be arranged, and we take the utmost care to keep our work environment clean while we produce and package your products.

Please call (416)621-5252 or email talktous@speedpro.com or tedmorgan@speedpro.com to get in touch.