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How Car Decals can Offset the Cost of your New Company Car


A new company vehicle or fleet is usually a big and carefully planned investment for most small businesses. It may sound counter-intuitive, but don’t put off branding your new company vehicle(s) until next year’s marketing budget is replenished.

Here’s the reason why, the sooner you make your business info visible on your car to potential customers, the quicker you’ll recover the cost of your new investment!

When analyzing different types of signage and advertisements, car wraps and decals provide some of the lowest cost per customer views. According to a US study, every 35 cents invested in vehicle wraps will expose you to an an average of 1000 views in metropolitan areas. Car graphics offer some of the highest return-on-investment in the world of visual marketing and advertising.

You could dive in head first and go ahead with your dream wrap, like this full box truck wrap we did for Trigo Bakery. Or you could wait.

Sometimes it makes more sense to delay your dream wrap for something more practical and budget-friendly like simple cut decals. Later, when you’re ready to go full-steam-ahead with your full wrap we can easily remove the old decals. That’s part of the beauty of using vinyl stickers instead of paint.

“A budget as low as $200 could get you a small logo and phone number decal to start generating new leads.”

Adding a logo to your vehicle will help you establish your brand, create brand-recognition and improve client trust because you’ll look more professional and put-together. What’s more, you’ll pick up new potential-clients and will generate leads just by driving your vehicle around like you normally would. You don’t have to go out of your way or do anything that you aren’t already doing.

“Properly installed vehicle graphics by our 3M & Avery certified installers can last up to 3 years, sometimes more depending on the vinyl chosen.”

Give us a call to find out more, no question is too outrageous. We have two graphic designers available to you who specialize in vehicle wraps and graphics, or bring us your own design!