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First Impressions and Second Chances


First Impressions and Second Chances

In business, and in life, we are often given “time-tested” advice that amounts to nothing more than a series of clichés meant to inspire and/or motivate us. When we say “time-tested” we refer to the fact that many of these tidbits of advice have been around for a number of years, not just in North America but also in some similar version in countries around the world. Perhaps one of the best known of all, and very much applicable in our opinion to business success, is this gem: “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” We love it so much, it’s featured prominently on our website. Let’s talk about how SpeedPro Signs Etobicoke can help you make an awesome first impression!

First Impressions Matter

Lost Customers:

Companies often spend thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on branding. Coming up with the “perfect” combination of graphics and messaging can make or break a business and a misspelled word can spell disaster! Imagine if you will, a business marketing their “A+ Tutor Services” and the word tutor being spelled incorrectly on their signs and business cards. That’s an “F” for failure in our books. The consumer on their way home from work who is thinking about their list of things to do when they get home – like enrolling their child for homework help by a tutor – might notice the sign but it will be memorable for all the wrong reasons. You will never get a chance to attract that customer again. In these days of swirling social media posts, they may even take a picture and lampoon you on a social page, ruining your business before it ever gets off the ground. For the record, we don’t condone this and hope nothing similar ever happens to you for any reason but facts are facts, and these things do happen.

Lost Revenue:

Sometimes errors, poor branding or even bad photos aren’t blatantly obvious like our first example but become apparent over time. It could be that a poorly worded trade show pamphlet or worse, a booth that just has no pizzazz, leads people to walk on by and therefore not buy your product or service because the messaging just isn’t that clear. It’s now just another lost opportunity.

How We Can Help!

  • Our team is reliable, creative and CANADIAN. Why does that matter you might ask? Did you know there is a simple difference in spelling between Canada and the US? It’s enough of a difference that if you aren’t paying careful attention, or if you are planning the opening of a Canadian outlet for a US company or manufacturer, you’ll potentially alienate your audience by not catching these common errors. Plus, let’s face it, we’re just proud to be Canadian and we are backed by Canadian suppliers and won’t face challenges when it comes to product shortages and shipping issues.
  • Our team is strategic and has decades of experience in the industry. Partnering with SpeedPro Signs (with over 47 stores) we can source what you need, when you need it and help you with recommendations on best types of signage, installations and even with graphic design!
  • Come to us with a logo or ask us to help create one and we do both.
  • We even understand the intricacies of Canadian weather and what kind of signage suits your location best.
  • When it comes to vehicle signage and car wraps, we rely on products that will stand not only the test of time but the test of weather too.

Because of our network of stores and affiliates, we can help you locally and across the country. We’ll help ensure not only a good first impression but a consistent one too. In other words, if you have locations from east coast to west coast, you will get guaranteed, professional workmanship with consistent colour, style and font branding every step of the way so that no matter where your clients see you for the FIRST time, your look will be CONSISTENT EVERY TIME.

First Impressions DO matter, because they don’t come along a second time. Trust SpeedPro to ensure the work is done right, designed well and makes not only a first – but also a LASTING impression – for all the right reasons!