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Eco-Friendly Products That Are Good For You, Your Business and Good For The Earth Too!


Do you want to be on the cutting edge of eco-friendlier products that both “look good and do good” for the environment at the same time? Increasingly, we are all becoming more aware of our responsibilities toward maintaining a healthy planet and at SpeedPro we are no exception. We know the importance of offering an ever-expanding line of eco-friendly products to the discerning customer. Many organizations have committed to sourcing and using products and services that are better for the planet and are building these requirements into their procurement processes. We can help. At SpeedPro, we’re experts at helping you reduce your ecological footprint all while helping you look good too!

Reusable Signs

You might choose to start with something as simple as reusable signs that are portable, lightweight, available in a variety of sizes and which can be used anywhere and anytime – especially, over and over again! Because we care about quality and the environment we use materials that stand up to the test of time without causing harm to the environment. We often suggest to clients they consider something like reusable A-frame stands that allow you to switch out only the sign insert rather than creating a whole new sign from scratch. Ask us about sign creation options that will help maintain your eco-friendly goals.

Alternative Substrates

When we talk about eco-friendly materials it’s important to remember some of the considerations that go into that determination. They include:

  • Materials that are made from renewable resources.
  • Materials that are recyclable – and “can be safely returned to the environment.”
  • Materials that are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way.

To help put this in perspective consider the ongoing debate between the uses of paper vs. plastic straws. As recently as 2020, some investigations continued to show that while overall paper straws are better for the environment than their plastic counterparts, paper products “are more energy intensive to produce (and) the production of paper straws actually uses more resources and emits more greenhouse gases than the production of plastic straws.” In other words, it’s good to ask questions about what kinds of alternative substrates the team at SpeedPro offers and whether or not they will best meet your specific requirements for sustainability and as an environmentally friendly option that aligns with your company’s standards. For example, did you know that CoroPlast, while plastic, is actually a re-useable and recyclable material? Perhaps that doesn’t align with your expectations of what “plastic” means to the environment? By helping you better understand available and common substrates along with their eco-friendly alternatives, we give you options that look good and do good at the same time.

Green Banners and Printed Paper Products

Here too, SpeedPro is able to offer our customers a range of choices that reflect care and concern for the earth and ALL of its inhabitants including birds and marine life which are often most impacted by the type of human detritus left behind in our wake. Think plastic rings used to secure a six-pack of beverages for example and how these days instead many grocery store chains and the LCBO are using thin cardboard cartons instead. Eco-friendly might mean using paper that is recycled or made from organic materials (and no, we don’t just mean trees!) These might include paper made from such resources as hemp or cotton. As well, it’s important to remember that paper itself is made from wood pulp, generated from cutting down trees which in and of itself is not environmentally friendly even if you might think of this process as “natural.” Deforestation destroys wildlife habitats, creates greenhouse emissions and more. Using recyclable materials just makes good sense when you consider these statistics: by recycling just one ton of paper the earth would experience a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by one ton of “carbon equivalent.” It would also result in a savings of about 7,000 gallons of water too. If you want to make a more environmentally conscious choice, ask SpeedPro how we can help you do so.

We invite you to peruse our line of products that look good and help you do good too. At SpeedPro, “we care about results, quality and our environment” and we are confident in our ability to create products that CAN look good while helping you to reduce your ecological footprint. We’re also adding more and more products in the “green” category everyday so if you don’t see something on our website currently, ask us because it might be on the way! We’re committed to eco-friendly products that are good for you, your business and the environment too!