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Don’t “Fall” Behind When Planning For Fall!

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As much as we may not yet want to think about it, Fall will soon be here. As we get into the “dog days of summer”, the high temperatures and sun have everyone getting outside and taking advantage of all the great things to do in our region.

However, that doesn’t mean there’s going to be a “fall” in the number of fun things for people to do — Fall will bring with it Fall fairs, harvest events, and community festivals. It’s going to be important to start planning for those Fall events now, because as we all know, summer is always over faster than we’d like it to be!

Today, we’d like to focus on the event planners and marketing specialists of the world — though we must say, the following tips can apply to anyone with something to promote. Whether you’re throwing a Fall event as a business venture, or you’re a volunteer helping to set up a non-profit community event, you’re going to want as many people as possible to show up. Why else would you host it, after all? Social media may work well for promotion, but it’s only part of the picture. If you only advertise your event online, you’re going to miss out on a huge chunk of the population, and it’s likely your post may even get lost in the feeds of those who are regular social media users anyways.

That’s why we recommend running a postcard, brochure, or flyer campaign for your upcoming Fall event. What better way to let people know something is happening than by literally bringing it to their doorstep? We’ll make you something that’s so eye-catching and professional that people will have no chance but to give it a glance… and then a full read-through.

At SpeedPro, our custom-designed postcards, flyers, and brochures are available in a plethora of different sizes, paper types and configurations. Our specialists are waiting to talk to you, meet your needs, and offer their expert insights to you. Insights they’ve gained through helping other clients just like you. If you click over to the portfolio tab on our website, you can take a look at some of the amazing paper products we’ve made for clients. Getting a quote on your paper product advertising campaign is free, so give us a shout and let’s explore how we can work together towards your event’s success. When you’re letting your community know the Fall fair is coming, or that local farmers are hosting a harvest market, we want to be a part of the process that makes those events pop.

We know from experience that if you’ve run a successful marketing campaign before your Fall event even happens, you’re going to have tons of people lining up and ready to participate! Once the crowds materialize, you’re going to need the right event signage to keep things organized, have people heading in the right direction, and spotlight all the important things happening at your event. From simple “washrooms —>” signs to a show-stopping banner to place at the entrance to your event, SpeedPro can make it happen.

Our hanging “Scrim” banners offer our valued clients amazing durability and value. These temporary banners are an in-demand item from our customers because they offer such a great return on investment. These high tensile strength banners have a block-out layer to prevent shine-through and are much less prone to tearing. Our banners are available in matte and gloss finishes, can be single or double-sided, and of course are printed in stunning full colour. To make hanging your banner easier, you can ask us to install metal grommet holes, and we can tape or sew the banner’s edges too.

When you choose SpeedPro, you’re choosing to work with a team that’s dedicated to helping you succeed. So as the beautiful Canadian fall approaches, the pumpkin spice lattes begin being sold, and the joyful Fall events begin, keep us in mind. Whether you’re the one planning an event or a vendor at one, we have a signage solution for you — and we’re just a call or click away.