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Colour Change Wraps

Colour change wraps are usually full coverage wraps using pre-coloured 3M or Avery cast vinyls. These are a great option for leased vehicles, as they add an extra layer of scratch protection too and can easily be removed.

Colour changes are just that, they transform your entire vehicle (except for plastic bits like bumpers and door handles), hiding any evidence of the original colour.

A quality colour change wrap installation normally involves removing doors and other parts of the vehicle by a certified 3M or Avery vinyl installer. This ensures that the original vehicle colour does not peek through in door jams and other nooks of the car.

They require the most amount of materials, a more involved design and more lengthy installation with a 3M or Avery certified installer.

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    Other ways to use colour vinyl: decals and partial wraps.

    When trying to achieve a specific colour or special finish like metallic or iridescent colours, pre-coloured vinyl is a great option in a graphic business wrap. More examples below.


    Take a look at some examples of full colour change wraps, partial colour vinyl wraps and pre-coloured vinyl decals. (None of the examples below were created using a printer, but rather are cut with a knife).
    Picture what your car would look like with one of 3M’s Premium Quality 1080 or 2080 wrap films. At Speedpro Sign Shop, all of our colour changes are done by our certified 3M “Preferred” installers.

    See 3M’s 1080 wrap swatches on the left. The pictures don’t do them justice. See them in person at our shop!


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    3M just released a limited colour selection of 2080 films that come with a scratch protection layer.



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