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Cars and Summer Go Hand in Hand – Make Yours Stand Out From the Crowd!


There is literally no better time than now to show off your cars in Canada. Particularly right here in Southern Ontario, summer is now in full swing with beautiful, long and warm summer days just begging to shine against the backdrop of a highly polished sports car. You know what else looks good in the summertime? A vehicle wrapped like a piece of art, with style and substance or even better yet, an entire fleet of vehicles with fresh, eye-popping graphics to grab your attention and hold it too. Summer is the perfect time to showcase vehicles and we’ve got what you need to make it happen.

We’ve talked about car wraps before but we haven’t taken the time to give you all the details. We also haven’t advertised our ability to do so much more than cars and we think it’s high time we did! The truth is, we can wrap just about anything! A wrap is literally advertising on the go. Wherever you are in your cars, vans, trucks or even buses – your message is reaching a huge audience – that is, every other driver on the road, pedestrians and wherever you are park it, it’s sure to garner attention. From your own in-house graphics and logos to something we design for you, we can take you from design, to wrap, to on the road, sometimes in as little as 24 hours.

Let’s Talk Wraps

Colour Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

These 3M or Avery Brand products are great for when you want to change the colour of your entire car. Iridescent and metallic are beautiful options in a range of colours that will take your car from drab to fab in hours. Many of our colours are vibrant and unlike anything you might find at a dealership. We’re also proud to be certified installers. For work you can rely on and a colour change that’s as perfect (or better) than paint, ask us how we can help boost your car’s visibility today! 

Custom Printed Car and Fleet Wraps

We’ll make your brand, your vision and your dream vehicle come alive with our custom printed graphics car and fleet wraps. No matter how big or how small your vehicle, our HD CMYK graphics, printed with a state of the art print process, results in exceptional picture quality, guaranteed to please. We use 3M and Avery custom cast films that not only look fantastic but will also provide consistent quality across your entire fleet of cars or trucks.

Custom Cut Decals

Looking for something a little smaller? We can do custom cut decals for doors or the back of your van that will be highly visible, stand out against the backdrop of your car’s paint colour and look as professional as the professional you are. Show off your business with “infinite colour and design possibilities.”

Perforated Windows

For those not interested in the total car makeover that a wrap offers, we can do custom printed perforated windows. This option not only allows you to highlight your business in an affordable way but also provides shade AND security. Perforated windows are easy to see through from the inside, protect you from excess sun and also offer a measure of protection by blocking the insides of your vehicle from prying eyes. This is a feature you may not fully appreciate until it’s time to do your holiday shopping!

Let’s Talk Process

  • It all starts with you. All we need is a phone call, email or even a message left directly on our website from you to get the process rolling. As mentioned earlier we can do the design for you, or bring us your graphics files and we’ll get to work. Most car wraps take about a day after design has been approved and then printed. It’s best to allow your vehicle to “cure” for at least 24 hours giving the vinyl time to “bond” with the car.
  • Cars with primer should not be wrapped – there will be problems with adhesion so a fully painted vehicle is best.
  • Any wax should be removed for maximum benefit prior to the car being wrapped. A solid and thorough wash with sudsy, soapy water should do the trick and the car should be “bone dry” before application for maximum impact.

Let’s Talk Longevity

  • Your wrap should last for a long, long time – maybe even as long as you own your car! We have had vehicles on the road, fully wrapped for as many as 7 years and we can safely say that 5 years of longevity “should be no problem.”
  • Of course you can wash your car anytime although we do recommend avoiding mechanical car washes. You might wish to use a spray wash facility instead and keeping oil, road salt and grime off the car will certainly help to prolong the life of your wrap.
  • Finally, a wrap – done properly – should not damage your car or truck’s original paint job!

The summer is still young and a vehicle wrap doesn’t take long! Whether it’s a full colour change or a logo and graphic installation, we’ll help make your car, truck or your whole vehicle fleet stand out from the crowd. There’s no better time than now to show off your car this summer. Call SpeedPro today to find out how we can help make it happen!