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Which Car Wrapping Service is Right for You?

We specialize in car wrapping in Toronto & Mississauga. From fun colour changes to entire fleet graphics for businesses, SpeedPro can assist you with all your car & vehicle wrapping needs. Book a consultation today!

Colour Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

As car wrapping specialists in Toronto & Mississauga, we use 3M and Avery specialty colour wrap vinyls and brand certified installers. Pre-coloured vinyls are single-colour films that are not printed. They are more vibrant and the finish options are endless, like iridescent and metallic films. Most commonly used for full colour changes, when the original colour of the car or vehicle should not be visible at all. Contact us to learn more about our car wrapping services in Toronto & Mississauga.

Custom Printed Vehicle Wraps

Printed vehicle wraps give us a chance to create something completely custom for you. We use 3M and Avery cast films that are ideal for company cars and fleet graphics. Printed with HD CMYK graphics using a state of the art printer results in exceptional picture quality. Use your own design or consult with our in-house designers to make your vision come alive! Offering full and partial vehicle wraps in Mississauga and Toronto.

Custom Cut Decals

Custom computer contour cut decals are a great way to show off your business on your vehicle. Classy and highly visible, custom cut decals offer infinite color and design possibilities. Book a consultation with one of our in house designers today to make your vision come true!

Perforated Windows

Custom printed perforated vinyl is a great way to cover parts of your vehicle glass. Easy to see through from the inside of your vehicle this specialized vinyl “Hides” the inside of your vehicle from outside onlookers with eye popping graphics. Call us to discuss the possibilities of perforated window graphics!


What is the turnaround time for car wraps?

After print preparation we typically need a full day for a regular car wrap. Bigger vehicles may need more time. Vehicles should sit indoors for at least overnight after the wrap is completed. This gives the vinyl time to “cure” and bond properly with the vehicle paint.

How long will a vehicle wrap last?

We have vehicles that have been on the road full time with full wraps for many years. Typically up to 7 years is possible, 5 years should be no problem.

Can vinyl be installed over primer?

No. Wrap material will not adhere properly to primer so proper automotive paint application prior to wrapping is essential.

Will a wrap damage the vehicle’s paint job?

No. As long as the paint has been installed properly wrap removal will not damage the paint.

I have wrinkles in my car wrap, is that normal?

No. Wrinkles mean that the installation has not been done properly. Sometimes wrap vinyl will “lift” in deep recesses on vehicle surfaces but if installed properly this lifting should not happen.

Will a wrapped vehicle require special care?

Little care is required but mechanical car washes should be avoided in favour if spray washing. Keeping road salt, grime and oils off the wrap will also add longevity and is encouraged.

Can a vehicle be wrapped in winter?

Absolutely! We wrap year round in out clean and modern shop…even in the warmer months. A consistent indoor temperature is key to proper vinyl application so we insist on doing vehicles indoors for best adhesion.

Should I wash my vehicle before getting it wrapped?

Yes. Be sure to thoroughly wash your vehicle of all dirt and grime including inside trunk and hood lids, door jams and crevices.

Does Speedpro wash my car if I cannot?

Yes but we will charge for this service.

After I wash my vehicle does Speedpro clean it again before wrapping?

Yes. We use a water/alcohol mix to prepare all vehicle surfaces before vinyl application.

Should wax be removed before getting my vehicle wrapped?

Yes. Car wax is great for improving the shine and resilience of vehicle paint, but there are some situations where removing it makes sense. Vehicle wrapping, polishing, ceramic coating or even switching to a different type of wax all require a clean, bare paint surface.


  • While the car is still wet, add a dollop of plain dish soap to your bucket.
  • Add some water to form a nice bed of foamy suds.
  • Dip your car sponge in the bucket, then scrub the vehicle vigorously in two-or three-foot sections.
  • Let the soap sit on each section for a couple of minutes, then rinse and scrub it off with your hose-attached car washing brush.
  • Continue over the entire vehicle this way, washing and rinsing one section at a time.



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